Bedworth Armistice | The Town That Never Forgets

Bedworth Armistice Centenary Parade and Service will be held on Friday 11th November 2022.

Bedworth Armistice

Bedworth Armistice

The Bedworth Armistice is now the largest and most famous Armistice Day Parade in Britain. The parade marches through Bedworth town centre before forming up in the Cemetery for the Armistice service.

Working closely with the Bedworth Armistice to redevelop their already ongoing website that has been live for over 16 years. Providing information and news about the largest and most famous Armistice Day Parade in Britain. Having looked at the previous designs for their website it was prominent that it wasn’t mobile friendly, this was shown in the structure of the pages as images would cover the text on the pages, this was caused by a website builder that they had purchased. Website builders that allow you to drag & drop sections of pages allowing anyone to build a website, can have their convenient pros but a lot of the times these are heavy programs that look pretty but can load so much unneeded code that makes your website on mobiles incredibly slow. Resulting in people just leaving your website before it loads. Having completed a Google speed test it would show a score of 24 out of 100. One of the biggest downfalls was the server response time; in other words, the server hosting was not fast enough. After redeveloping the site it now has a score of 100 out of 100 which is a massive improvement.

Bedworth Armistice
Bedworth Armistice

Bespoke Events Feature

Having gone over the previous website with the Bedworth Armistice they had a section on there with upcoming events that they will be attending to raise funds for the Armistice. This was an additional plugin they were using for this to add events to specific days but it was around £35 a year for it to work. With this in mind, I removed this plugin and programmed a feature similar to this on the backend of the site taking inspiration from styling and information needed for events. Cresting a bespoke feature saved the Armistice alot of money in the long run for something that needed very little time for us to create and implement onto their site. This also removed the use of third-party files being loaded from another website.

Improved SEO Coverage

One of the biggest flaws that needed fixing to improve SEO of the website was adding a sitemap; a sitemap lets search engines like Google know all the pages that exist on the website and this was missing. But also there were vital pages that werent getting seen by search engines stopping them from being seen if someone searched for that specific page. For example the events that were upcoming, if you were to search ‘Bedworth Armistice events’ this page wouldnt show up because no pages on the website were linking to it. So whilst redeveloping the site we make sure all pages were linked and indexed correctly with all the information search enignes need so the site can be found easily by more people.

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