Pear Shaped Products

Pear Shaped Products is a skate company based in nuneaton, warwickshire. Bailey Business Solutions Ltd, a digital agency based in Nuneaton specialising in web design and digital marketing.

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Pear Shaped Products

Pear Shaped Products, a skate company situated in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. selling streetwear clothing with high-quality prints and branded skateboards.

Pear Shaped Products is solely based online so their online presence is a big factor when trying to gain potential customers. On the first look of their already made eCommerce store on Shopify that they had made themselves, the first prominent issue was the product images. These were illustrations of the products that did not portray the details and fit of the clothing. One issue with streetwear clothing is the fit, as most skate companies purposely make their collections fit a size larger to encourage the skater to look what is known for oversized baggy looks. But also there are some companies that stay ‘true to size’ like Pear Shaped Products.

Pear Shaped Products
skate company nuneaton skateboard in barwell skatepark

When planning the photoshoot we wanted to bring in aspects of skating so doing it at local skateparks surrounding Nuneaton. This also helped bring exposure to the brand with people asking questions about the brand and clothing. Secondly, we planned a model for the shoot so we could show how the products would fit on an average height person. This also allowed us to put pieces together that would help for imagery for the Facebook and Instagram profiles. Resulting in more products tagged to the posts.

Google My Business

Once we had finished the photoshoot and added them to the site it was our next interest to gain local customers to the site through Google My Business. So adding all the needed information into the profile with all the imagery from the shoot. This resulted in a spike of views within the local community of more than 3000%. We took advantage of Google’s feature of adding photos to places with Google Maps, we Googled all the local skateparks around the area and added marketing videos to each skatepark to try to gain attraction to the brand. We didn’t know how this would perform. We were surprised to see 4000 views within 2 weeks of the videos being added to the skateparks.

Meta Business Suite

Finally, Meta Business Suite is a vital tool for marketing online, especially with selling products online, it allows customers to shop on Facebook and Instagram. Linking an eCommerce store to the business account and creating a store, allowed Pear Shaped Products to tag products to their Post. This creates leads easier on social platforms and gives users vital information on the products within the posts. like additional images, price and a product description that is taken from the eCommerce store.

Street wear clothing in nuneaton content creation for skate company

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