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Are Instagram posts shown on Google?

SEO | 07 Sep 2022

Are Instagram posts shown on Google?

When it comes to growing a brand online, Instagram lacks growth on search engines. Posts and reels are stuck within the social platform.

Why dont you see instagram posts on google?

Building a brand online can be a long process from growing a following to start growing organic traffic to your brand online. One thing a lot of businesses do that slows down this is that they spend all their time and budget on Facebook and Instagram. Why is this a bad thing? Well, when trying to get your services out there to new clients it does very little because all the work you create and post to your accounts doesn’t show up on search engines like Google.

Here at Bailey Business Solutions, we think social media platforms are not a major priority in gaining traffic online at the start. We look at social platforms as a form of updating current clients of your workspace and news to keep them in the loop. The best way to gain a following fast is by collaborating with accounts with large followers.

So what part of instagram shows up on search engines?

Instagram accounts are the only aspects shown in search engines. The account name and username are what are used as keywords for search queries. So adding your services within these can help gain more traffic and if it’s a local service you provide then add the town or city to your account name to rank higher in that area.

The bio of your account is used for the meta description when shown on search engines. This is shown below. However, the bio doesn’t help rank for search queries it’s just there to add additional information. However, if you look at the image below the words ‘pearshapedproducts’ are shown in bold this is because I used the search query ‘pear shaped products’ so the words used by the user to search, are shown in bold this can help to stand out.

SEO Coventry

Optimize your Instagram for local traffic

Now that we’ve learnt how Instagram lets us rank on search engines let’s try to optimize these for gaining more local traffic. Using one of our clients Pear Shaped Products as an example for the account description. We have stated that the business is a skate company straight away. But also where it is located so in Nuneaton. The thing here is Nuneaton is a town and the city is Coventry and with Coventry being a city it will have more traffic so it’s up to you where you want to try and rank for, but keep in mind the more traffic the harder it is to rank for that location.

Secondly adding keywords in the description like ‘Streetwear’ can help rank for these. With these two factors involved if I was to search ‘streetwear Nuneaton’, the Instagram account ranks second on Google because of this. So optimizing your account for search engines plus the Instagram search gives 2 streams of traffic to build your following online.

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