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Should I Use Linktree

SEO | 31 Aug 2022

Should I Use Linktree?

Should I Use Linktree? Let’s explore the pros & cons of Linktree and why you should probably remove it from your social media profiles!

Firstly What Is Linktree?

Linktree is a platform used by online influencers and businesses that lets you easily create an account and allows you to provide your audience with a simple landing page. Adding links that go to all your social medias online but also shops and pages on your website.

Linktree is bad for seo

So Why Are SEO Professionals Against Linktree?

Linktree is an awesome way to start building your new brand as quickly and as simple as possible, especially if social media is all new to you. But the major flaw with using this platform that people don’t know is if you are not a small brand and have the budget for a website then you should be linking all your social accounts to your website and even better your website homepage. Why you ask; Because its adding an extra step for customers to go thought to reach your website, and even getting someone to click on your bio link isnt already a challenge now days!

Linktree Reduces Website Traffic

Yes it really does! One major factor with ranking in search engines is traffic to you domain and bascially having a page on Linktrees website is actually letting all that traffic go to Linktrees first. This has probably answered your question to why its free when signing up and how quickly theyve grown online minus the free advertising popup on everyones linktree page!

Making all your traffic go to your website builds trust with search engines because it tells Google that your site is popular and that it should be ranked higher as its not seen as spam. But it can help improve Bounce Rate aswell because your using the website as a linktree, so users are more likely to perform CTA (Call To Actions) on the first page.

Linktree Is A Backlink To Your Website

Linktree can help in the long run if you put a link to your website from it. But dont actually use it anything else like putting it in bios. Because eventually it might count for a backlink to your website that helps rank your website online its used more for backend SEO then helping people find your website if you get what we mean. So go create an account and make it suit your brand and just put links to pages on your website and let search engines find it eventually because its free at the end of the day.

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